martedì 26 gennaio 2016


1. Todd Snyder + Champion sweater
2. Handmade Marble Earrings
3. Wooden UsSB Stick 2GB
4. Reason. The Mountains Beanie (red) 
5. Hug Tee Buy Me Brunch
6. Hersteller Titanium Light and Wood wedding ring
7. Fish Bone leather bracelet
8. Takemoto handmade vintage Ebony wood glasses
9. Classic leather and canvas combined travel rucksacks.Icanvasbag
10. Denim Chino - Loose Tapered - Dark Coated Indigo Scotch&Soda
11. Iron and Resin gloves
12. Danner Mountain Light Cascade Hiking Boots
13. BuzzFeed Life 31 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects


i thought ... OPS ! maybe he's fallen with his motorbike :O

Since I don’t use anymore “picasa web albums” you can find all my pictures directly in the posts, this is the only way I can avoid all pics to get deleted….
Arrrghhh I’m SO angry

more pics: